Geneviève Cholette, Alex Côté, Marie-Hélène Fontaine, 
Djennie Laguerre, René Lemieux, Nathalie Nadon
Mélanie Paiement, Karine Ricard in Ici, Les arbres s'enracinent dans l'eau


Book club

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Explore classics and contemporary plays with Georges Som

Toronto Public Library (TPL) in partnership with Théâtre français de Toronto present a theatre-centric book club. This series of in-person meetings will be an opportunity to discuss specific scenes from plays associated with our artistic season. Georges Som, TfT’s Cultural Outreach Officer, will delve into the texts in order to shine a light on their themes and meaning while exchanging opinions with the participants about the works and authors. Everyone is welcome to join the club, whether they are new to the art world or an experienced theatre enthusiast. The only prerequisites are curiosity, the desire to engage in discussions about theatre and a conversational level of French (given that discussions will be conducted in French only).

Free Registration. Texts will be provided. No need to purchase the books. Meetings are held at the Reference Library (789 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2G8) from 6:30PM to 7:15PM.

La Mère
Wednesday 11 October 2023
La Mère
Florian Zeller
Like many other women, Anne has dedicated her whole adult life to her children, to her husband, to her home; but now with her son, daughter, and their father gone, she finds herself alone, in a kingdom that's leaking from all sides. All it takes is for her son, in the midst of a romantic break-up, to return home for a few days, and she's back to living, breathing and dancing - even if it means ignoring the fact that she'll have to let him go all over again...
La mort et l’écuyer du roi
Wednesday 15 November 2023
La mort et l’écuyer du roi
Wole Soyinka
Thirty days after the king's death, his squire, horse and dog must be sacrificed to guide the sovereign to the realm of the dead. The story, inspired by a true story, takes place in 1946 in British-ruled Nigeria. The colonial powers are determined to oppose the death of Elesin, the squire.
La vie utile
Wednesday 13 December 2023
La vie utile
Evelyne de la Chenelière
Jeanne is busy in her apartment when a man appears: he is Death itself. At the same time, Jeanne, as a child, succumbs to a deadly fall while horseback riding. We don't know which Jeanne is dreaming of the other, which one is really dying. At the same time, faced with her father's agony, Jeanne decides not to believe in God. At the same time, during a walk in the forest, Jeanne's mother awkwardly teaches her the main principles of life. At the same time, words fall, like snowflakes, in complete disarray.