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Duration: 9 minutes 49 seconds
Since the passing of his father, Faizan has been taking care of his family. Kind and sensitive, he is torn between his love for his family, his faith in religion and his love for Ayaan, a boy from school. Can he be proud of his sexual orientation without abandoning his faith?
Creative team

Written by: Zara Salman
With: Matt Raffy, Lara Arabian and Sofia Goel
Coached by: Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin, Francesca Rubartelli Bárcenas and Pierre Simpson
Text Adaptation and Direction: Francesca Rubartelli Bárcenas
Assistant Director and Text Adaptation: Jeff Soucy
Director of Photography: Rodrigo Michelangeli
Art Direction: Beatriz Arevalo
Make-up: Josée Beaudoin
Musical Composition: Nick Di Gaetano
Editing: Emma Bertin
Production Director: Virginie Corneau
Production Coordinator: Nathalie Nadon

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