Théâtre français de Toronto presents

Soirée de filles

Duration: 10 minutes 43 seconds
Charlotte is throwing a party with her two best friends. They’re chatting, laughing and ‘tiktoking’ when, out of nowhere, her crush sends her a text. He wants nude selfies. Will Charlotte comply?
Creative team

Written by: Grace Fast and Lily Thwaites
With: Hannah Forest Briand, Chloé Petit and Stéphanie Visconti
Coached by: Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin and Francesca Rubartelli Bárcenas
Text Adaptation and Direction: Francesca Rubartelli Bárcenas
Assistant Director and Text Adaptation: Jeff Soucy
Director of Photography: Rodrigo Michelangeli
Art Direction: Beatriz Arevalo
Make-up: Josée Beaudoin
Musical Composition: Nick Di Gaetano
Editing: Emma Bertin
Production Director: Virginie Corneau
Production Coordinator: Nathalie Nadon

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